Research Proposal

The job of a writing tutor is to help students to become better writers. However, students occasionally misunderstands this assumption, which can make it difficult for the writer to perform well.  ESL students, when asking for assistance from the tutor, do not understand this assumption. Coming from a different cultural background, ESL students often believe that the tutor’s job is to fix any problems from the students. Basically, ESL students usually comes to the writing center to improve their paper, not necessary their writing skills.

This research essay will focus on finding the difficult of tutoring a writer from different cultural experiences. As an ESL student, i alway ask myself “what methods can a tutor uses to help the ESL student with their writing? In “Cultural Conflicts in Writing Centers, ” by Harris, one of the way to help the ESL student is to learn about their background. Using many different theory, i would further researching to find difference methods to use while tutoring an ESL students.



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