Observation Brief Number 3

For the observation assignment, i had an opportunity to be a tutee for a tutorial sessions. The paper that i brought was a blog post for my writing class. The assignment was about how i related one of the tutoring concept into practice. My main concern about my paper was the teacher’s comment and mechanical errors.

At first, the tutor asked me about my need to have to the tutorial session. I expressed that the teacher wanted me to explain my example better, and there were some mechanical errors that make it hard to understand the context. After hearing the concerns, the tutor read the paper and marked any error he found while reading. At the same time, he corrected the errors by writing down the correct words and explained to me why. Afterward, he addressed the teacher’s concern. He explained that my example was very broad and i needed to narrow it down. By narrow the example, the tutor explained that the audience can understand the main ideas better.

After addressing all the concern, i asked some more question about the papers and as well as some tips about writing. The tutor was able to address my question very well. For example, one of my big concern in writing was putting a good example to back up my ideas. The tutor suggested to read some different paper, to see how others writer used his example to back up his writing.

Overall, the tutorial sessions was fairly successful. The tutor was able to address both the tutee’s concerns and the teacher’s comment. I was able to fix my paper and got some different writing tips and advises.


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