Observation Brief Number 2

For the Observation assignment, i had an opportunity to observe a tutorial session. For this session, my friend was a tutee and he was going to get tutored using my paper. The paper was about  my own experience with tutoring and how it shaped me as a writer.   and asked my friend to address the teacher’s comments on my paper. The teacher’s comment for this papers included the need to evaluate better examples and grammar errors.

After the tutor asked about any concern of the paper and my friends addressed the teacher’s comments, the tutor began to read the paper and circled anything errors he found while reading. After reading and marking the paper, he gave some feedback about the paper. He immediately address the teach’s comment because that was one of the priority concern. He commented that there were a repetition of ideas. For examples, there are two paragraphs that both express the same idea about the difficulty of translating Vietnamese in writing.  His suggestion for this problems is giving another example for the second paragraph. Since the first paragraph is more general, a specific example will help the audience to understand the idea.

After the first problem was addressed, the tutor then focused on grammar and punctuation errors. Looking at the mark that he circled earlier, the tutor then explained the errors to the tutee. Afterward, the tutee asked some questions that he concerned about the paper. For example, the tutee asked the tutor if the conclusion was effective. The tutor explained that the conclusion was effective, as it summed up the thesis of the paper very well.

Overall, the tutorial was very successful. The tutor was able to correct the teacher’s comments and the tutee’s concerns. Thanks to the comment from the tutor, the tutee was able to improve the paper.


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