Observation Briefs No.1

For observation number 1, i got an opportunity to observe a tutor session. My friend was working on her paper in LEAD 101. The topic of the paper was about her understanding of different speakers and their attitudes to be successful. Her papers was complete and she wanted the tutor to give an opinion about her paper.

In the beginning of the tutorial session, the tutor asked what was her concern about the paper and what did she want to focus on. She replied that she wanted him to read her paper and give some feedback about the paper. First, the tutor read the paper and at the same time marked any error that he saw. Afterward, he immediately answered her questions by giving her feedback. He said that her idea was very solid and he could understand everything. In his opinion, he believed that beside little mechanical errors, she did not need to improve her papers. Finally, she asked some general questions and personal concern with the

From what i saw, the tutorial session went very well and my friend had a very positive experience. She got a lot of good feedback on her paper. He gave a lot of feedback of how he thought about her strength in writing. For example, the tutor expressed about how he really liked how she evaluated each speaker and used an example that related to her personal experiences. The tutor also answered all the question that my friend concerned. Her main concern was she was unsure if her ideas flows well.  The tutor explained that all her ideas flow very well, and he could understood her topic very well. Overall, my friend got what she expected from the tutorial session.


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