Incorporate peer response and tutor methods

As a tutor, finding a method to help a writer with his writing can be difficult. While tutorial session can work really well, some students find that peer response help with their writing better than tutorial session. Because of that, a tutor must be able to incorporate these two methods to help the writer’s work. One of the way that the tutor can incorporate is to remove the higher authority from  the tutor, and equalize the authority.

For each methods, there are many different benefits that the writer can use. Peer response is a social support system that the writers share their text to others to gain an audience response. On the other hand, tutorial session is a individual systems that allows the writer to get feedback and guidance from a tutor. According to Harris, peer review give more peer response and remove higher authority(371-371), and tutor session work on individual concern (375).

In a tutor sessions, the tutor need to use both methods to maximize the tutor’s session. By using each method’s strength, the tutor will be able to improve the writer’s writing skills. Using peer review, the tutor needs to equalize the authority of both the tutor and the writer. When i went to any individual appointment, whether it is a tutor session or meeting with professor, i alway feel that i has less authority then the tutor or the professor. This can somewhat affect the writer’s ability to write. As a writer, i feels more restricted and less creative when i have the pressure of higher authority. When i am in a tutor session or helped by my teachers, i feel that i have less authority because i have less knowledge or ability to write than them. But when i don’t feel the lack of knowledge or lesser authority, i am able to write better. Higher authority creates restrictions and criteria that the writer must fulfill. By removing the higher authority, i am able to write and think better.

How can a tutor be able equalize both authority from the tutor and the writer? When talking to the writer about his writing, the tutor should make the writer feel that he is talking to another writer. The writer should feel that the tutor is a writer that he can ask for feedback, guidance and response. The tutor also should avoid criticizing the writer’s paper. Criticizing can create a feeling of higher authority, which can block the writer’s ability to critical thinking. Finally, the tutor should remove any restriction and criteria that the writer must fulfill for his writing. A writing assignment always have different criteria and these things can restrict the writer’s ability to write. If the writer is not able to write effectively, adding these criteria will add more pressure to the writer.

Removing the feeling of higher authority can help the writer. Because the writer feel that he is asking for a response from another writer instead of a teacher, he can write creatively without any restriction. As a tutor, removing these restriction from a higher authority  will help the writer write effectively.


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